Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rejuvenation - Just for YOU! (Spa Day)

My first taste at sharing Reiki at a public event came recently.  On August 17th, I packed the treatment table and headed over to the Rejuvenation - Just for YOU! Spa Day Event.  It was a casual gathering in the home of Diane Pearson (owner of PeRfect Cent$).

Gathered Roots' display.
I was offered a beautiful bedroom to practice in, away from the main activity.  In a sense, if someone was able to find me, Reiki was meant to be!  

For many of the women who visited, Reiki was a new modality.  They each received 5-7 minutes of mini-treatment, with focus being placed on three different positions of the crown.  The general response was how calming the experience was, and how hot my hands felt!From the time guests started to arrive, the treatments were being sampled one after another.  I’m glad that Reiki sparked that kind of curiosity and interest! 

The only downfall?  I forgot to take photos, other than the ones shown!

Thank you to all for shaping this event.  Diane, practitioners, and guests.  It was a great experience and I hope to make it back again next year!

A satisfied recipient of a mini-Reiki treatment, Karen Allard, said, "As brief as it was, the session managed to reduce some of the back pain that I had been feeling.  I was also left with a general sense of peace and warmth.  I highly recommend Jessica's sessions and plan to indulge myself in another long-distance session as well as one at her renovated space.  Thank you Jess!"

Thank you also to everyone who subscribed to Gathered Roots' newsletter during the Spa Day event!  A draw was held for a $40 gift certificate and the winner is KAREN ALLARD!  Congratulations!   =)

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