Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reiki Basics

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a spiritual practice that restores balance. In the treatment room at Gathered Roots, the client lies fully clothed on the Reiki table. The practitioner uses a series of light touch hand positions on the client's crown and along his/her upper torso. Alternatively, the hands may be placed just above the body, without any direct contact. It is believed that this procedure allows the recipient's vibrational field to return to its natural state. In turn, healing, self-awareness and self-realization can be further developed, and life enjoyed with increased satisfaction.

Reiki treatment does not require physical manipulation by the practitioner, or any ingestion or topical application of substances.  There are no known medical contraindications and as such, Reiki treatments are considered to be a great complement to any existing health care regimen, including conventional medicine.

What does a Reiki treatment feel like?
The Reiki treatment experience is an individual one and it’s even possible for the same recipient to be affected differently from session to session.  Most often, clients report tingling and warmth in the body accompanied by feelings of deep peace and wellness.  On the other hand, shifts in consciousness can also be quite subtle and go unnoticed or only become apparent a day or so later.

How Reiki treatment can benefit you:
Anyone can benefit from Reiki treatment no matter the situation at hand and one treatment is typically sufficient for a client to notice an improvement in how he/she feels.
Continued Reiki treatments can contribute to the maintenance and strengthening of our personal essence or spirituality.  As we bond more intensely to the deepest aspects of ourselves, shifts in consciousness and life transformation become a natural occurrence.  We all travel a unique path, however, and the exact changes and benefits that manifest, as well as the pace at which they occur vary.  

Some of the main benefits to Reiki treatment can include:
  • Re-establishing balance
  • Enjoying feelings of peace and wellness
  • Reducing and/or releasing stressful emotions and their related ailments
  • Deepening personal awareness and clarity (intuition or inner-knowing)
  • Rekindling and/or reinforcing a sense of empowerment
  • Facilitation the transformation of life patterns
  • Realizing life potential

“What do I have to do during a Reiki treatment?” asked the client.  The answer:  Just breathe!

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