Monday, October 14, 2013

Canadian Reiki Association - Volunteers Needed!

The Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) is a federally-chartered, national non-profit registry of Reiki Practitioners and Teachers representing various styles of Reiki practice.  Becoming a member has been my intention since the beginning of Gathered Roots.

One of the application criteria outlined is the completion of 24 case studies.  My hope is to be a Registered Practitioner with the CRA by mid-November and I’m seeking individuals who would like to visit the office for up to 4 one-hour Reiki treatments during the month of October.

As a volunteer client, you must be willing to complete a Client Information Form (that is used for office purposes only) and also a Case Study Report Form that will be released to the CRA.  The information shared includes your full name, email address and telephone number, as well as my noted observations about each session.  The Case Study Report Form will be kept strictly confidential by the CRA Board of Directors.

In exchange for the help, the cost for each Reiki treatment is $25 (the regular rate is $40).  Come take advantage of this offer, which will be extended until all case studies are complete.

You can confirm the number of treatments desired and be guaranteed the reduced rate by scheduling and prepaying ahead of time or you can also schedule and pay for one appointment at a time too if that’s what you prefer.

If you would like to be a case study client, please contact me as soon as possible and we can make the necessary arrangements.  Thank you!

My membership with the Canadian Reiki Association can benefit all existing and potential Gathered Rootsclients.  Some examples:

  • All registered members (Practitioners and Teachers) must adhere to the Canadian Reiki Association Code of Ethics.  Did you know that Reiki practice is currently a non-regulated health career in Canada, meaning practitioners are essentially free to conduct business in whichever way they choose?  More information on this topic will be released in future articles but know that the Code of Ethics set forth by the CRA outlines high standards that I am willing to commit to.
  • While Reiki services are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Program, a small handful of private insurance companies are now approving claims under Extended Health Care benefits.  The CRA aims to make this recognition widespread by offering its members a professionally designed extended health claim form and bringing awareness about Reiki to the Insurance Industry.  My connection with the CRA can possibly make Reiki treatment more financially feasible for you.
  • Finding a Reiki practitioner in Timmins and Area is not always easy!  Having Gathered Roots listed in the CRA’s online directory is another way for those interested in Reiki to access the service.

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