Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello, and welcome.

Hello, I hope you’re doing well and thank you for your presence.

Did you know that Gathered Roots has been a registered business since October of 2011?  It feels as though it’s been one continuous process of setting up, with some taste-testing here and there of what is possible with this venture.  Since completing Reiki training, it’s been a process of making space for more self-care and -growth than I’ve ever allowed myself before, and in turn, cultivating more experience to share with others.  It was a period of developing and coming into my own as a professional as well, in terms of defining my scope of practice, improving my clinical skills and ability to communicate more effectively, etc.  And these past six months, setting up also entailed creating a new environment where clients can receive services (aka: lots and lots of renovations!).

Telling signs of a transition into the next chapter have slowly been arising recently.  Among them, unexpected opportunities and projects that allow me to put myself out into the local community that I can feel confident and excited to say YES to!  The last nail has been hammered into the wall and the last of the tools cleared from the office, making way for the re-opening of Gathered Roots.  And with both of our kids being away at school this year, the hours of operation have expanded.  It’s time! 

My hope is that these articles will provide you with accurate and clear information about Reiki practice (and other services offered in the future), with the latest developments concerning Gathered Roots, and also with some special offers.  I am also interested in any ideas you may have.  If you would like to somehow contribute to this newsletter by becoming a guest author, asking a question, sharing a testimonial, etc, please be in touch!

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